Moviebox Pro Vs. Showbox | Which One Is Better

Online streaming has been in trend right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Streaming now being an integral part of each individual as there are some incredibly reliable applications available that serve the purpose of entertainment.

If you are confused between Moviebox Pro and Showbox then in this post i am going to tell you which app you should you.

These apps give us a theatre-like experience at our home as these apps are compatible with smartphones, iPhones, Smart TVs, and other media devices.

Moviebox Pro Vs. Showbox

ShowBox and MovieBox Pro are both considered as the two sides of a coin, because of similarity between the two apps. Both applications shared the same interface, menu, and features, the only thing that keeps them apart is the supported platforms, whereas MovieBox Pro is compatible with iOS and Android, ShowBox only supports Android users. 

Here in this piece of content, we will describe the two most used and loved video streaming applications that are ShowBox and MovieBox Pro. Additionally. We will make a comparison between both of them so that you can pick the best one.


ShowBox is an online movie streaming platform and has been famous among entertainment lovers. As it offers the best quality content free of cost, yes you don’t need to pay a single penny to watch and download the latest movies. It is a convenient and economical option to watch the latest movie content, not as platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, where you need to pay a hefty amount on subscriptions. ShowBox gives a variety of movies and Tv shows without any kind of subscription or register or sign up functionality. It provides high-quality content with daily updates for Android users.

MovieBox Pro

MovieBox Pro is a fantastic application to watch free online movies and Tv shows without much hassle. This application is called the clone app of ShowBox due to its similarity.  It has a built-in library available to download and watch offline. MovieBox Pro uploads the content regularly so you never run out of the latest content. This application has more than 10000 movies and shows in HD quality which you will not find anywhere.

MovieBox Pro has several categories to select your favorite movie and watch right away. You can watch it on every available device such as iPhone, Android, Smart TV, and many others. However, you can buy family plans or paid subscriptions for a better experience.

ShowBox Vs MovieBox Pro

  • Both ShowBox and MovieBox Pro has the great interface that gives the best user experience and even the novice person can use it
  • MovieBox Pro supports the iPhone, iPad, iOS, Windows, and Android whereas ShowBox charms the Android users only.
  • Both applications provide offline downloads and you can watch your favorite content at your convenience.
  • In the age of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO, MovieBox Pro and ShowBox provide free content to users.
  • Both the apps regularly update their content library so users get the latest episodes and movies.


We can see that both the applications Moviebox Pro & Showbox provide the best and share the same features. Hence, it’s hard to figure out which one is the best. However, both applications are hard to find on the play store, but you can download and install them from official websites. 

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